12 Proven Ways To Make 10k A Day Online

12 proven ways to make 10k a day online

When it comes to blogging and vlogging niches that are saturated, the Make money online niche is one of them. This is because billions of people search for “how to make money online, how to work from home, how to make money on autopilot online, etc. The most annoying thing about this niche and topic is that People write and talk a lot of nonsense, especially on YouTube ( vlog ) and that’s why you can watch those kinds of videos for 10 years and won’t make a dim online.

In this article, I will be telling you 12 possible ways to be making 10k online if you put in the effort because nothing comes easy.

When I say 10,000, I don’t mean any particular currency, it could be 10k naira, 10k, pounds, 10k, Dollars, etc. All these are possible depending on the effort you put in.

You might say, it is easier to make 10k Naira every day than to be making 10k US Dollars every day or Pounds, etc, but as I said, it depends on your determination because I know people that make more than 10k USD daily, so I took my time to combine the list of those things that works or worked for others in this article. So read to the end.

How To Make 10k A Day Online

As I said, these are the things I have seen people do and be making 6 figures in many currencies, so don’t be like me that spend some years watching easy ways to make money on YouTube without any result. LoL. The truth is, there is no simple way or shortcut without hard work and smart work too. So let’s dive in.


It is very common to see people, especially young people wasting their time and Data watching girls shaking their waists, people eating, and all manner of videos, what if I tell you that those people you are watching are cashing out big from your engagements on their videos?

Talking of making 10k or more daily, TikTok is one of those platforms that could make your dreams come through.

If you are a content creator on TikTok and have huge followers, you will be making money every day even when you sleep, so if you work hard and build your audience, 10k daily will be nothing to you.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a multi-billion Dollars industry, which means if you learn the process and start making money with it, 10k Dollars or Pounds Daily will be nothing to you.

Affiliate marketing simply means referring people to buy other people’s goods and services and getting some percentage of the deal in return.

This is so huge and it is one of the best ways bloggers like me make more money. That’s when I refer a product or service I have used before, you as my readers buy, and I get a commission. That’s how it works.

The truth is that Affiliate marketing is not easy. First, you need to build a trusted and loyal audience either with your blog like am doing, with your social media account if you are influential, with your YouTube channel, or with Email marketing, etc.


Talking of ways to make money online on autopilot, blogging comes first.

Although many people look down on blogging, but we bloggers know what’s up.

If you can learn SEO and be able to boost your daily traffic, 10k Dollars or GBP or 10k in any currency will be nothing to you.

This is because there are many ways to make money from blogging, some of them are through display ads, guest posts, affiliate marketing as I explained above, CPA marketing, Sponsored post, etc.

With high traffic and all these money-making opportunities at your disposal, then making 10k daily is as easy as talking.

CPA Marketing

Many people mistake CPA marketing for Affiliate marketing. Well, both look similar but CPA marketing has to do with recommending people to perform some actions on somebody’s products or services, while Affiliate marketing has to do with recommending people to somebody’s products or services to buy them.

They look similar but CPA is a lot easier than affiliate. Once your referral signs up or register or downloads a thing ( perform an action ) you will get paid.

There is a lot of money in CPA marketing, so making 10k daily with it won’t be an issue if you have enough audience ( traffic)

You can do CPA marketing with any of these. Email campaigns, Blog/website, YouTube, large social media followers.


I know we all know what YouTube is because it’s one of the most popular platforms where we go to watch all manner of videos online.

Just like Blogging, Vlogging has huge chances of making you very rich if you know what you are doing.

Being a content creator in this kind of platform, making 10k + daily won’t be hard, for the fact you are working hard and smart.

If you ask me, this is the second platform I would recommend if you want to be making huge money online daily, even while you are sleeping because as a YouTuber, you have many earning opportunities at your disposal, including endorsement from firms.


Millions of people log in to Facebook every day to crack jokes, read jokes, watch videos, and have all manner of fun. Do you know that that same Facebook could be making you 10k daily?

How? I know that’s what you will be asking now because you are surprised to hear this for the first time. Yes, you read me right!

Facebook has made it possible for page owners, and group owners that qualify to monetize their pages and groups to be able to make money with streaming ads.

As an owner of an engaging group or page, if you pass their qualifications, your page or group will be monetized, meaning that the more engaging your group or page is, the more money you make from Facebook on autopilot.

With this, you can be making 10k on a daily basis.

SEO Consultant

Learning and becoming a Search engine optimization expert is one of the highest-paying jobs online.

Companies and individuals pay thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars to SEOs to work on their websites and YouTube channels.

With this skill, 10k a day will be nothing to you because you are very likely to be seeing such an amount or far more than that daily from companies and individuals.


This is one of the most popular ways that people make money online.

Freelancing simply means performing work/skill online for somebody and getting paid.

On Freelancing platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, etc, people land on high-paying jobs that make them 10k and above daily.

Some of the skills you need to be getting work in freelancing platforms are Writing, translation, transcription, SEO, Web designing, etc.

Web Designing

Web designing is one of the highest-paying skills online. This is because many companies are looking for the service of such individuals and will pay any amount to get them.

With this skill, if you land in the right deal or deals, making 10k dollars every day will be like a token to you.

Coaching/Teaching Online

Another great way to be banking 10k or more online is by teaching or coaching online.

Just like we have physical schools, there are online platforms that allow you to teach your skills to their audience, and in return you get paid for doing that.

Examples of platforms where you can teach and get paid are Teachable, Udemy, Masterclass, etc.

Selling Of Courses

As a social media influencer, Blogger, and YouTuber, one of the greatest ways to make a huge amount of money is by selling courses and conducting classes online.

People pay huge amounts of money to learn new things, especially if they see that your strategies and updates are working very well for you, they will pay anything to learn from you, so if you have any skill to sell and followers also, you can create a course and your followers will buy.

With this, making 10k Dollars daily won’t be hard because you have large followers and you know what you are doing too.


These are the ways to make 10k dollars, 10k GBP, 10k, Euros, 10k Naira, etc online.

For those that follow my articles, you know that I don’t sugar-coat words to suit your fantasy. The hard truth is, you can’t make money while doing nothing unless you put in the hard work and smart work too, you must surely make a good amount of money.

So, choose the one that suits you and start working towards it and you will see results.


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