5 Apps That Will Pay You 1000 Naira Per Referral

5 Apps that will pay you 1000 naira per referral

As the economy of Nigeria is getting down day by day, many companies are getting bankrupt and packing out from the country, therefore, many workers are losing their jobs day by day.

As a Nigerian, the best thing for you to do is to have a side hustle or source of income to compliment your salary.

If you are looking for a side hustle, then you are in the right place because, in this article, I will be telling you about 5 apps or platforms that will pay you 1,000 naira or more per referral.

What Is A Referral Program

If you are not very familiar with the word referral, then don’t worry, I will explain it to you.

A referral Program simply means getting people to sign up for a platform and getting rewards in return.

Every blogger or internet marketer knows what a referral is. In fact, it is one of our major sources of income, as I will earn a reward if you sign up with any of the platforms I will introduce to you, and you might also get rewards for signing up with my link too.

That being said, let’s dive into the main topic which is ” 5 Apps that will pay you 1k naira or more per referral.

List of Apps That Will Pay You 1,000 Naira Per Referral


Alat By Wemabank




The funny thing here is, the five apps that will pay you 1k naira or more for each referral you make are all banks/financial apps that you might probably be using every day without it making extra income for you.

Well, I will explain them one after the other and also tell you how to possibly use them to make money. So, make sure to read to the end and also sign up with them for free and let us earn some rewards.


5 Apps That Will Pay You 1000 Naira Per Referral

This is an investment app that allows you to lock up your money, either in US Dollars or in Naira for a period in order to yield huge interest for you.

Their services are like that of Fixed deposit in the banks. This way, you won’t touch your money, and at the same time, you will be earning a huge interest rate until the fixed time is over, then you can collect both your money and its interest.

Wait! Before you start thinking about fraud, note that this platform have been existing for years with thousands of users and they were approved and licensed by the Nigerian Government as a microfinance bank, so you have nothing to fear.

They have a nice referral program that pays their customers 1,000 naira for every person that signs up with their links and also the person that signed up will be rewarded with 1k naira too which is a win-win for everybody.

What am trying to say is, if you as my reader sign up with my link, both of us will receive 1k naira each, but yours will become active once you deposit with Piggyvest, even if it is 100 naira only.

Alat By Wemabank

5 Apps That Will Pay You 1000 Naira Per Referral

As a Nigerian, you must have heard of Wemabank. This is one of the most popular Banks in the country. I use them and they are great.

You might know them as a bank only, but do you know that they have a referral program that could pay you 1k for every person that you bring?

Wemabank has an app known as Alat or Alat By Wema. With this app, you can open a bank account with Wemabank and enjoy its services.

One of the reasons many people use this Alat By Wema is because it has some features which other banks in the country don’t have.

With this Alat app, you can open a US Dollar, Euro, and Great British Pounds account without visiting any bank. So, this is why it is my favorite and also for those who earn money from Google Adsense, Ezoic, Mediavine, Fiverr, etc.

With their recent feature which is Fx Sales, you don’t need to go to the bank to collect your Dollars. You can exchange your foreign currencies with the help of FX Sales right in the app and receive naira at the black market rate. wow!.

So, why not sign up and start using this app and also start making some cash with their referral program?

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5 Apps That Will Pay You 1000 Naira Per Referral

As a Nigerian, there is no way that you haven’t heard of Palmpay before. Well, it is a Fintech company.

To many Nigerians, Palmpay, and Opay are the best because these two Fintech apps are very fast and reliable in their transactions, but do you know that you can make money with them too?

Palmpay has a referral program that once anybody signs up with your link, you and that person will make money, and the person’s bonus will become active once he or she transacts with the Palmpay app, even if it’s a 100 Naira transaction.


5 Apps That Will Pay You 1000 Naira Per Referral

This is one of the financial companies that make international transactions very easy for Africans.

If you are a freelancer, a blogger, or an affiliate marketer, in fact if you are working and being paid online in foreign currencies and you don’t know this app, then you are missing a lot.

Grey provides their customers with foreign bank accounts in 3 currencies, that’s USD account, Euro account, and GBP account ( Pounds )

With these 3 accounts, you can get paid in Europe, USA, Britain, AUSTRALIA, etc and you can convert your money to naira and withdraw to your local bank at a black market rate.

With their referral program, you could make 5$ for every person that sign up with your referral code and make a transaction of 500$.

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5 Apps That Will Pay You 1000 Naira Per Referral

The last app on my list that could pay you 1k naira per referral is Opay.

Just like Palmpay, Opay is another app people use to make transactions in Nigeria. They are very fast and reliable. In fact, I use this app even more than my main bank app for transactions because they are very fast.

Apart from running transactions with it, you can also make money when you refer people.

Although they pay 800 naira per referral not 1k, but it is still great.

How To Refer And Make Money

I know that I promised to tell you how to refer people and make money, so here it is.

First, sign up with these apps or any of them and start transacting to activate your bonus.

There are many ways you can refer people, they are Social media, family and friends, and being an affiliate marketer like me.

It is very sad that young people now use social media such as Facebook, TikTok, and the rest for all manner of nonsense. with social media, you can introduce these apps, have people sign up with your link, and earn referral bonuses.

You can tell your family members, friend, etc about them, have them sign up with your link, and make money.

Also, you can learn SEO, create a blog, and write about them, like I just did, have your readers sign up. You get your bonuses and they get theirs too which is a win-win for everybody.


Thanks for reading my article. Please don’t forget to sign up with these apps or any of these apps that could pay you 1000 naira per referral so that we both can gain.


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