6 Shocking Reasons Why NEPA Take Light In Nigeria And What To Do As A Digital Marketer

Nigeria is the most populous black African country, but she is lagging behind in development and many other things such as Working online or Digital marketing.

You will agree with me that the world is in a digital age where companies, etc hire people to work for them on the internet and also where sales and all forms of marketing are done on the internet.

The question is, why is Nigeria still lagging behind in digital marketing? Well, there are a few reasons for that such as poor internet connection and Poor electricity supply, etc.

In this article, I will enlighten you on why Nigeria doesn’t have steady light which is affecting her digital marketing capabilities.

We all know that one of the things, or should I say ” the major thing that affects Nigerian digital marketers is the issue of power supply. I and you know that without power, our phones and laptops which we use for affiliate marketing, blogging, vlogging, etc will be shut down!

Enough of talking! Now let’s see what causes this epileptic power supply and how you can overcome it as a digital marketer in Nigeria. Please read to the end.

Why NEPA/PHCN Take Light In Nigeria

Lack of Adequate Infrastructure: The fact is that Nigeria’s power equipment is very old, poorly maintained, and unable to meet the country’s electricity needs adequately.

The very old equipment that should have been changed decades ago is still in service of supplying electricity, and that’s why they do fail to function sometimes, thereby leading to power failure.

Little or no Investment in the power sector: There is total negligence of the power sector in the country since ages ago both from the government and also from private sectors and investors too.

As I explained above about “old equipment still working in the Power sector, this is as a result of total negligence from government, investors, etc.

Corruption and Mismanagement Of Nepa Funds: Those that are very familiar with the country Nigeria know that the country is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. This is why apart from the government’s negligence of the power sector, even the small budgets from government or private sectors to NEPA are often diverted to individual pockets.

When the little money that was supposed to be used to make a small impact on the electricity supply goes into a few people’s pockets, the result is the continuous usage of old equipment.

Fuel Supply Challenges: Many power plants in Nigeria rely on gas and oil to generate electricity. Delays in fuel supply, vandalism of pipelines, and fuel price fluctuations have disrupted the power generation process, leading to inconsistent supply.

Lack of Diversification: Over-reliance on fossil fuels for electricity generation has made Nigeria’s power sector vulnerable to shortages in fuel prices and supply.

The limited diversification into renewable energy sources has slowed progress toward a more sustainable and reliable power supply.

Population Growth and Urbanization: Nigeria is the most populous black African country and with more cities and towns is a very huge consumer of electricity.

Being unable to maintain their electricity which leads to poor power supply, the various cities and towns thereby lack adequate power to satisfy the electrical need of every home.

6 Reasons Why NEPA Take Light Whenever It Rains

We all know that Nigeria doesn’t have a constant or sound electricity supply, Nevertheless, this is experienced more when ever there is any slight rainfall.

In Nigeria, the term “NEPA take light” has become a popular phrase to express this frustration.

NEPA, which stands for the National Electric Power Authority, was the previous name of the country’s electricity provider, which was later renamed the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN).

Even with the transition to a new name and various reforms in the power sector, the problem of power outages, especially during rainy periods persists.

So, it is almost impossible to expect light whenever it is raining, and that has led to many questions by Nigerians, and one of those questions is “Does rain destroy electricity, what is the strong connection between electricity and rain, etc

Well, in this article, I will explain why there is always a power outage whenever it rains in Nigeria.

Poor Infrastructure and Maintenance: As I explained above, this is one of the major reasons why NEPA/PHCN switches off electricity in Nigeria whenever it rains.

Although apart from NEPA switching off lights on purpose, sometimes the poor equipment they are using to supply light does break down on its own, maybe as a result of thunderstorms, lightning, or heavy rainfall, thereby causing power outages.

Overloaded Systems: The electricity demand often increases during rainy weather, as people rely more on electrical appliances such as fans and air conditioners, heaters, etc to combat the heat and humidity.

As I explained above, the growing population and fast urbanization bring about more need for electricity consumption. Unfortunately, many electricity distribution systems in Nigeria are already operating at their maximum capacity and are unable to handle the sudden surge in demand during these weather conditions.

As a result, the system becomes overloaded, leading to a temporary shutdown or power outage.

Aging Equipment: A significant portion of Nigeria’s electricity infrastructure is outdated and well past its intended lifespan.

As electrical equipment ages, it becomes more susceptible to breakdowns, especially during adverse weather conditions like rain. Old transformers and worn-out cables are more likely to fail during these periods, contributing to the phenomenon of “NEPA taking light” when it rains.

Lack of Preparedness:
Many electricity distribution companies are ill-prepared to handle adverse weather conditions. They may lack contingency plans for rainy periods and fail to take preemptive measures to protect critical components from water damage. Additionally, the response time to repair faults and restore the electricity supply after an outage can be slow, further exacerbating the frustration of consumers.

Unregulated Electricity Consumption:
Another contributing factor is the widespread phenomenon of electricity theft and illegal connections, which lead to an imbalanced load distribution in the electrical grid.

This imbalance makes it difficult for the system to cope with the increased demand during rainy periods, resulting in power outages.

Insufficient Renewable Energy: Nigeria as a country only make use of hydropower plant, Gas plant, and coal plant for electricity generation which are very likely to develop some faults as a result of heavy rainfall, lightning, flood, etc.

Renewable energy such as solar, and wind – turbines are not prone to rain, wind, and lightning, etc.

How To Overcome Power Failure In Nigeria As A Digital Marketer

As I mentioned above, as a digital marketer residing in Nigeria like me, it could be very challenging because of the lack of power to power your devices and continue your work.

One of the most popular questions many bloggers, vloggers, freelancers, course sellers, etc ask is ” How can I generate electricity to power my devices and work online?

Well, this article is here to help you with that.

I will give you two options and explain them, so it will be left for you to choose one.

The Use Of a Generator

In Nigeria, this is very popular. In fact, there is hardly any home where you won’t find a generator set or even more.

I understand that Generators have different sizes abs capacities, also they are very costly in Nigeria because of how demanding they are.

So, Buy a generator set from Jumia and keep buying fuel every day just to power it, which is very expensive.

Although I can’t choose for you, but I don’t recommend Generators because they are very expensive in the long run.

The Use Of Solar

Solar is a renewable energy and very cost-effective. In fact, the only money you will spend is the money you used to buy and install it.

As a blogger, I make use of solar energy to power my house from year to year without spending a dim.

Although a Solar system could be more expensive than Generator set, but have you calculated the money you will be using to be buying fuel in the long run? Now fuel is very expensive in Nigeria, so how will you cope?

Now compare it to buying a solar set, maybe twice the price of a Generator set and that’s all all your round. Wow! sounds so good?


These are the reasons why NEPA takes light and how you can beat it as a digital marketer in Nigeria.

So, good luck with your Solar because I still recommend it strongly.


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