Can I Have Two Emails For PayPal Account?

One of the questions people ask about PayPal is ” Can I have two emails for PayPal account?

PayPal is one of the most popular and secure Global PayPal wallets. It is available in almost all the countries of the world and millions of people all over the world enjoy their low charge transactions.

People ask many questions about this platform. In this article, we are gonna look at this particular question, see if it is possible or not, etc.

Does Paypal Allow Multiple Emails On One Account?

We all know that PayPal has many strict rules that they use to protect their company, and they can easily ban or limit your account if you mistakenly break any of those rules. So, is having multiple emails on one PayPal account allowed, or is it against their rules?

PayPal allows adding two or more emails to one business PayPal account.

Yes, you can add multiple emails to your business PayPal account, but as secondary emails.

We all know that in a business PayPal account, there is a primary email and the option for a secondary email. If you ask whether you can change your PayPal primary email, then the answer is No!

The primary email is fixed and you can’t change it without following the due process which might involve contacting PayPal support and explaining to them why you need to change your primary email.

As for the secondary email, or emails, you can add as many emails as you want, even up to 8.

Secondary email is important too, and people have their reasons for having secondary email or emails.

How To Add Secondary Email To PayPal Business Account

Now you know that you can add another email other than the primary email. The question is ” How” Don’t worry, you will learn that in a minute because it is very simple and straightforward.

To Add Secondary emails or emails is very simple. Here are the steps.

1. Login to your PayPal account.

2. Navigate to your settings.

3. Go to Personal Settings and click on personal information.

4. You will see your primary email. Then click on the + sign at the top and you will see the option to add a secondary email address.

5. Add your secondary email and save. Go to your email inbox and confirm your email notification or confirmation email from Paypal and you are done.

Can Secondary Email Be Used To Receive Funds On PayPal?

Now that you know how to assign secondary emails or emails to your PayPal account, let me answer the burning question you might have in your mind right now which is ” Can I receive funds with the secondary emails or what is the importance of the secondary email?.

Once secondary emails are confirmed, they can do some of the work of the primary email which involves receiving funds and logging in.

Secondary emails can be used to receive funds into your business PayPal account.

This is why it is important to have multiple emails linked to one PayPal, so that your clients may have unique emails to send you funds.

Also if you lost access to your primary email account, secondary email might be of help for you to log into your account and probably change the primary email.

Can One PayPal Account Have Multiple Logins

Again, this is one of the questions PayPal users ask on a daily basis. I understand that as a business owner, you might love to give limited access to your business account to your employees. Relax, this article will also answer your question.

Yes, with a business PayPal account, you can give limited access to up to 200 people

This means that your employees could have access to your business or company’s PayPal account with their various emails which you will have to grant access. They can log in, make slight changes, and even transact, depending on the level of access and control you give to them.

To do this, go to settings and click on account settings.

Click on account settings and you will see ( Manage Users )

Click on it add as many users you want as possible and save.


You can add multiple emails to your PayPal account as secondary emails, and you can also add multiple users to your account. As I explained above, these options is only available to a business account and not a personal account.

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