Can I Transfer From Payeer To PayPal

can i transfer from payeer to paypal

In this digital age, we have many digital payment methods that we can use to send and receive funds all over the world while staying in the comfort of our homes. Sometimes there is a need to switch or send funds from one digital payment company to another.

In this article, you will learn if it is possible to transfer payeer funds to Paypal or link them together.

We understand that PayPal and Payeer are Giant global digital payment companies, but the question here is “Can they send funds to each other? You will find out soon.

Can I Transfer From Payeer To PayPal?

No, Payeer can not send funds directly to Paypal unless through a third party.

The truth is that many of these global digital payment wallets/companies don’t cooperate with each other because they are in competition.

Both PayPal and Payeer don’t support sending funds to each other or linking to each other because they operate differently and are competitors too.

I understand that sometimes the need to transfer funds across your digital payment wallets might arise, but the fact is, it might work with other wallets, but not these two.

This is because they can’t be linked together, even to talk of sending funds because there is no option for this on both wallets.

However, as I mentioned above. To send funds from a payeer account to a PayPal account, you will need a third-party company to do that.

Many companies claim to link Payeer to Paypal and can send funds from one wallet to the other. If you ask me, I don’t recommend any third-party company. If you feel safe, you can use them to move your funds from one wallet to another.

Payeer To Gcash

You might also be interested to know if you can send funds from Payeer directly to G-Cash.

Payeer can’t send funds directly to Gcash unless through a third party.

As I explained, many third-party companies are on the internet claiming to transfer funds from Payeer to Paypal, Gcash, etc. You can use any of them that you trust.

Users can withdraw their funds from Payeer through Mastercard, Advcash, Payeer wallet balance, or some local banks that are supported by the platform from its geographic region.


Payeer can’t send money to some of the payment wallets such as PayPal unless through the few payment methods I listed above. Before using this platform, make sure your region is among those regions that it can pay via bank transfer or other easier methods.

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