Can Nigerians Use Toloka? ( things to know about Toloka)

can Nigerians use Toloka ( things to know about Toloka)

There are many legit micro-task platforms out there that you may have heard of, have you heard about the Toloka app before?

What is Toloka

Toloka is a crowdsourcing platform and micro-tasking platform powered by Yandex. It was initially launched to improve machine learning and search algorithms. The tasks given to users are usually simple and do not require any special training.

When talking of legit micro-task platforms online or on apps, Toloka is one of them. This paid app is established by a big company known as Yandex, and they will pay you for performing some minor tasks on their platform.

Is Toloka Available In Nigeria

Being a legit app from a big search engine company, can Nigerians use Toloka? Well, you will find out in the article, so read to the end.

We all know that Nigeria and so many African, Asian, and South American countries are not allowed to participate in many moneymaking platforms such as this, so this is why it is very important to know if any legit platform such as this supports your country.

Is Toloka available in Nigeria? Yes, Toloka is available to Nigerians. People from Nigeria can register, do tasks and make money on Toloka.

So, if you are from Nigeria or you reside there, then congratulations because this is one of the legit money-making apps that accept your demography.

As I explained above, this is a micro-task and survey app. Once you sign up and log in, you will see different kinds of jobs, so choose those that you can do and continue until you have received a reasonable amount of income to your bank.

Although you won’t get rich doing this, let’s say, it’s just for leisure and also as extra income. Although I have my suspicion that it gives high-paying offers to those from tier-one countries.

How To Make Money From Toloka

Now that I have introduced you to this legit platform, what are you waiting for? just click the link above to sign up.

Now that you are in, to make money from this app is not hard.

You will see Surveys, small tasks which might involve testing apps, signing up on websites, etc.

Some of these tasks will not take you more than 5 minutes to complete, and they could pay you up to 1 dollar or 0.50$ per any task you complete, especially surveys.

The truth is, if you are consistence with their offers, you will be making a notable amount of income from this platform, especially if you haven’t made money online before.

Toloka Payment Methods And Threshold

Many platforms have their payment threshold, so it is very necessary to know this before joining any platform. So, what is the Toloka payment threshold?

Toloka’s payment threshold depends on the payment method you choose.

It has 4 payment methods and each of them has its threshold and also transaction charges.

PayPal – From $0.02 to $1

Payoneer – $20

Papara – $0.05

Qiwi – $0.05 to $1

Also note that all 4 payment methods are not available in all countries, except Payoneer. So, read their terms and conditions before choosing your payment method.

For Nigerians, the only payment options there for you are Payoneer and PayPal, and the account name on the Payoneer must match the name on your Toloka account, so beware.

I understand that PayPal is not fully functional in Nigeria, as you can send but can’t receive funds with a Nigerian PayPal account, but I have the solution!

I create and sell fully working PayPal accounts and I can teach you how to do it, sell them, and make money for yourself. Check my Email on the Contact Me page.


Toloka works in Nigeria and Nigerians can use it to make money, so why not go ahead and print some cash for yourself? Good luck.


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