Can You Have More Than One Payoneer Account

Can I have more than one Payoneer account?

One of the questions people ask is ” Can you have more than one Payoneer account?.

Payoneer is one of the major global payment gateways/platforms with millions of users. This platform is very popular because it is available in more than 200 countries of the world and can be used to transact both online and offline.

Due to many reasons, people want to know whether an individual can have and operate two or more accounts. If you are one of those who are asking thing question, then read this article to the end.

Can you have more than one Payoneer account? No, Payoneer has a strict policy about having multiple accounts.

According to Payoneer, having more than one account is forbidden unless the account is closed, then the person is free to sign up for another account using a different email.

As an individual, one account is more than enough for you. Why do you want to have two or more accounts? This platform, unlike other global payment gateways doesn’t ban their users anyhow they want unless you are using the account for shady practices such as fraud.

One account is okay for you because it can take any amount, especially if you are a businessman or woman. Having more than one account with the same name and documents is strictly forbidden by Payoneer and you will risk losing your account if you attempt such.

According to Payoneer, if you have any reason to discontinue your account, you must close it before applying for a new account. Creating another account with the same name and documents while the old account is still active is against their policy and might attract some penalties.

Can I Use The Same Phone Number For Two Payoneer Accounts?

Knowing that you can’t have two Payoneer accounts at the same time, you might be wondering if it will be possible to use the same phone number for a new account when you close the old account. If you can use the same phone number for a new account using a different ID for verification, etc. This article will answer your question.

One phone number is associated with only one Payoneer account. Hence you can not use the same phone number on any Payoneer account again.

The bitter truth here is that once you register and confirm your phone number to any Payoneer account, then that number is associated with that account.

This means that even if you close the account, you can’t still use the same phone number for any Payoneer again. So, you have to use a new phone number.

Can I Use One Bank Account For Two Payoneer Accounts

One of the hardest things people encounter while using Payoneer is linking one bank account to Payoneer accounts. This leads to this popular question.

According to Payoneer, One bank account can not be used on two or more Payoneer accounts.

Payoneer has a very strict policy about linking one bank account to multiple Payoneer accounts to curtail the level of digital fraud and money laundering.

During account creation with Payoneer, you will be asked to link a bank account that has the same details such as names with your Payoneer account for verification, and the account will be approved immediately. Trying to link the same bank details to another account is nearly impossible or impossible because Payoneer doesn’t allow that.

By the way, your bank account details must match that of your Payoneer, and the platform doesn’t allow individuals to have more than one account. So how do you think they will even approve a bank account that doesn’t share anything in common with the account you are trying to link it to? They won’t approve of such without proper verification. So, you better not waste your time for nothing.

Can I Use One Payoneer Account With Multiple Fiverr Accounts?

I do not doubt that as a freelancer on Fiverr, you must have contemplated having more than one Fiverr account and may try linking it to all your Fiverr accounts, so that you can withdraw your earnings with your Payoneer account from all the Fiverr accounts. The question is, ” Can you do that?

No, Fiverr is strictly against having multiple accounts. They won’t allow you to link an already linked Payoneer account to another Fiverr account.

The fact is, all the freelancing platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, People per Hour, Freelancer, etc are against have multiple accounts. So it is impossible to link a Payoneer account to more than one Fiverr accounts even to talk of withdrawing with it.

So, if you have already linked your Payoneer account to Fiverr, then you might need to look for another account if you managed to have another Fiverr account because the Payoneer can’t work on two Fiverr at the same time.

If you are thinking of unlinking from the former Fiverr account and linking to another. I honestly don’t think that could work.

How To Merge Two Payoneer Accounts

There are some reasons why you might want to merge your old Payoneer account to your new account such as losing access to an account that you may have linked to any of these freelancing websites and you can’t link your new account. So you will need to merge the old account with the new account.

In this case, you will need to contact Payoneer and explain to them.

They will ask you some questions and you will need to provide some documents too before they can proceed to link your old account to the new one, so that you might be able to take your funds from any of these freelancing platforms.

Payoneer accounts can be merged with the help of customer support and it may take up to 5 business days to complete.

Can I Delete My Payoneer Account And Create A New One With The Same Details?

Yes, You can delete a Payoneer account and create a new account with the same details, except the email and the phone number.

This is exactly what Payoneer wants us to do rather than to create multiple accounts which they frown at.

Once you feel like discontinuing your account for any reason, you simply need to close it and open a new account with the same details but with a different email and phone number.

This means that you can use your ID, Utility bills, etc which you used on your old account but with the exception of email and number.

As I explained above, in the case your old account is already linked to your freelancing platforms which you can’t remove, then contact Payoneer and ask them to merge the new account with the old one. In this case, the closed account will become one with the new account.


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