Can You Have Multiple PayPal Accounts?

can you have multiple paypal accounts

Can you have multiple PayPal accounts? This is one of the biggest questions people ask about PayPal.

We all know that PayPal is one of the largest digital payment wallets or platforms in the whole world, and they have strict policies that give them a great reputation.

Being a well-known global payment platform, people often wonder if they can have two accounts on the platform or if it is against their policy, because looking at their strict policies, they can terminate your account if you go against their rules.

If you want to know all about creating multiple PayPal accounts, then read this article to the end.

Can A Person Have Two PayPal Accounts?

Yes, PayPal has two different types of accounts which are Business accounts and Personal accounts, and they allow individuals to have both accounts but with different emails.

The truth is that PayPal will allow you to create a business account and also a personal account with different emails but with the same verification details. The only time they frown on you is when you create the same type of account with the same verification details.

Let’s say that you already have a personal account and you want to create another personal account with the same verification details. Or you have a business account already and want to create another business account with the same verification details. You see? This is when PayPal will come heavily against you, and you might lose both accounts and your verification details flagged.

In conclusion, you can have a business account and also a personal account and be alright because they permit it.

Can I Have 2 PayPal Accounts With The Same Bank Account

Knowing that you can have multiple PayPal accounts, you might be wondering if you can link your one bank account to both PayPal accounts.

No, one bank account cannot be linked to two PayPal accounts. You must remove the bank account from one PayPal account before linking it to another PayPal account.

I know that it is a common thought to try to add your bank account details to your business and your personal PayPal accounts at the same time. No, PayPal won’t accept it unless you remove it from the former PayPal account, then PayPal may consider approving it on the second account.

If you must link your bank account to both your business and personal PayPal accounts, then it must not be the same bank account. What I am trying to say is, that you can link both PayPal accounts if you have two or more different bank accounts, not the same bank account.

For instance, if you have an account with SilverGates Bank and also with Bank of America. Then you can link each of the accounts with one of your PayPal accounts. Let’s say you link SilverGates bank with your personal PayPal account, and Bank of America with your Business PayPal account.

Can You Link 2 PayPal Accounts To The Same Card?

Having discussed the issue of one bank account with multiple PayPal accounts, I guess this is the next question you might have in your mind now.

No, one card can only be linked to one PayPal account.

This is one of the practices that PayPal is strictly against. Trying to link a bank card or any card that is already linked to a PayPal account is strictly forbidden by PayPal.

They won’t approve it no matter how hard you try, and it could even make them suspicious of your account, thereby leading to account suspension or a total ban on your PayPal account.

As I explained above, you can follow the same procedure by getting cards from two banks or any financial institution and linking each of the cards to a PayPal account. In such a case, you will be overly safe.

Can You Have Multiple PayPal Accounts With The Same SSN?

Yes, You can use the same SSN, Drivers License, National ID Card, and International Passport on both your business PayPal account and your personal PayPal account.

As I explained above, PayPal allows individuals to have both personal and business accounts, so they will accept your verification details on both accounts. The only exception here is that you must use different email addresses on both accounts.

So, one SSN can be used on business and personal PayPal accounts.


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