Can You Use A Fake Name On PayPal

can you use a fake name on paypal

Having a working PayPal account is what millions of people all over the world want. Unfortunately, PayPal doesn’t work in many countries and this has led to the question ” Can you use a fake name on PayPal?

I know it is painful to reside in a country that PayPal doesn’t work with. For instance, I reside in Nigeria, and PayPal doesn’t work fully well in Nigeria, so I have asked this question many times when I started working online but I couldn’t get a perfect answer then.

If you are wondering whether you can use a fake name and details for PayPal, maybe due to limitations placed on your geographical location, or you have already used your real name and want to create another account with another name, etc. Then this article is for you.

Honestly, I have been in your shoes, so you have every reason to believe what I say.

Can you use a fake name on PayPal? No, you can’t use a fake name or fake details on PayPal. Even if you do, PayPal will terminate your account.

I know this is hard to take, but it is the simple truth!

If you are very familiar with the PayPal account sign-up process, you will know that they will ask for many details from you such as I’D, SSN, etc.

Now tell me, how do you bypass those documents they will ask you to provide when you are using fake names on PayPal, how do you provide those documents that have fake names on them?

If you understand the point I am trying to make here, you will understand that it is impossible to use a fake name on PayPal because you can’t go around looking for those with documents such as I’D, or SSN that will match with the fake name you choose. Lol.

If you are from Nigeria or from any of those countries that have limitations from PayPal, then I am sorry to disappoint you. You can’t use a fake name neither can you use fake documents.

The only thing to do to bypass PayPal limitations is to buy a verified PayPal account. I create and sell them. Email me if you need it.

Can I Use A Nickname On PayPal

The truth is that a Nickname is far different from a fake name. If you are wondering whether you can use a nickname on PayPal, well, I have the answer for you.

Can I use a nickname on PayPal? Yes, PayPal allows its users to use a nickname or a business name that they display instead of the real name.

I know that you might be wondering ” If you can use a nickname, you can also use a fake name to register on PayPal.

Well, let me shock you with facts. Using a nickname in place of your real name doesn’t mean that your real name is not with PayPal either.

What it means is that, even if you want to replace your real name with a nickname or a business name, you will still sign up with your real name and also provide those documents they will require such as government-issued I’D, Driver’s license, Proof of address, SSN, etc.

You can make your nickname or business name visible to your customers on PayPal instead of your real name. This can only happen after you have fully verified your account with your real names and documents. Then, you can simply make the nickname more visible to customers and hide your real name.

So, you see? The difference is very clear. You can’t use a fake name on PayPal but you can use a nickname.

Does Paypal Show My Name When I Send And Receive Money?

If you want to sign up on PayPal with fake names, probably because you want your privacy, you might be interested to know whether PayPal shows people’s names when they transact.

Does PayPal show my name when I send and receive money? Yes, people will see your name and Email address when you send them money to their Paypal with your Paypal.

PayPal will show your name and email when you send another PayPal account money with your account. That doesn’t in any way warrant you to try to sign up on PayPal with a fake name. Trust me, that account will be terminated almost immediately, Also you can’t verify it.

So, don’t do that, instead hide your real name with a business name or with a nickname as I explained above.

When signing up, you must have chosen a nickname, a business name, or a username. ( Whatever you might call it ) On the settings, you will see where to set your business name to be shown to your customers. In that case, you will be able to maintain your privacy.

Note – A Business PayPal account is better if you want to remain anonymous.

Can I Link a Bank Account To PayPal With a Different Name?

One of the most asked questions about PayPal is ” Can I link a bank account with a different name to PayPal, or can I Link another person’s bank account to my Paypal? ”

Can I link a bank account to PayPal with a different name? No, PayPal strictly forbids it.

I know that there are circumstances when you will be required to link another person’s bank or card to your PayPal account. Well, PayPal doesn’t like this and doesn’t approve of such.

This is one of the reasons why you can’t create an account with a fake name. Now let’s imagine that you miraculously succeeded in creating a PayPal account with a fake name, Now how do you link up your card or bank for transactions?

According to PayPal, your bank account name or card name must match that of your PayPal or they won’t approve such a request, and it might even make them suspect your account and probably place it on limit or permanent suspension.

So, you cannot use another person’s bank account or card for your PayPal.


I hope this article is helpful. In summary, If you want to create a PayPal account with a fake name because you want to hide your identity, then set your business name, or nickname as your visible name.

If you want to do this before PayPal places a limit in your country, then contact me for your fully verified PayPal account.


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