Review and Payment Proof Review and  payment proof is a platform that claims to pay its users money for doing micro jobs such as watching video ads, answering survey questions, and doing other microtasks. If you are reading this article, it means that you are interested in learning about this platform, whether it is legit or not. In this article, you will learn all you need to know about this platform.

What Is Cashvib is a GPT ( Get paid to ) website that promises to pay its users money for performing simple tasks ( jobs ) on the platform.

There are many of these types of websites out there on the internet and this platform am talking about is one of them.

Cashvib Review

As I stated above, there are many GPT websites out there on the internet that promise to pay people money for doing many jobs. Many of them are fake. You will only end up wasting your time and making no money, or even paying them to process your hard-earned money which you will not even receive.

Is Cashvib a Scam? No, Cashvib is not a scam. Cashvib is legit because it pays as it promises.

If you are thinking of a GPT platform to make money, then you found one. They have a strong reputation because they are very straightforward and also they have been existing for many years.

If you still have doubts, then don’t worry, I will upload my payment proof later in this article. So, they are very legit.

Talking of being legit, yes, they are! Are they worth it? You will find out later in this article.

Cashvib Sign Up/Login

Registering on this platform is very simple and straightforward. You only need to Click Here and you will be taken to the sign-up page.

Fill in your name, Email address, and password. Solve the captcha and continue.

Once you Sign Up, you will need to check your email for verification. So, open your email inbox and check for any confirmation mail from Cashvib. Open it and you will be verified.

Once you are through with the sign-up, go back to your browser and log in.

Once you are logged in, you will be exposed to countless offers and jobs, etc. Pick those that are suitable to you and continue until you have reached the withdrawal threshold.

How To Make Money On Cashvib

Let’s assume that you have signed up and logged in, now, let me discuss how to make money from this platform.

There are many money-making opportunities on this website. You can make money by watching video ads, signing up on websites, Installing apps, Answering paid Surveys, and even referring people.

All these are ways to make money in Cashvib and many more which you will find out on the website.

One of the easiest ways to make money from it on autopilot is if you have a large social media followers, if you are a blogger like me, if you are a YouTuber, etc. You can easily tell people about the website, let them sign up with your referral link, and once they register, they will be given $10 for using your referral link, and you will get a free $1 for referring them.

Sounds cool right? This is a win-win for both you and those whom you will refer.

Is Cashvib Worldwide?

Knowing that the website is legit because it pays as promised, and also has numerous ways to make money from it, you might be wondering if it accepts people worldwide or if it doesn’t.

We all know that many GPT websites like this one don’t usually accept people from third-world countries. They only prefer working with those in Europe and North America. So, is this platform like that? You will find out soon.

Is Cashvib Worldwide? Yes, Cashvib is a global platform that accepts people worldwide.

Talking of worldwide, it means people from any country can sign up and start making money. For instance, I am from Nigeria and I have cashed out once from the platform. So, even if you are from Nigeria, Ghana, India, Pakistan, the USA, the UK, Argentina, Australia, Cuba, Russia, South Africa, Ethiopia, etc. You can just click the link above and register. In that case, you make $10 automatically while I make 1$.

Cashvib Payment Methods And Threshold

I hope you understood all I explained above. Let’s dive into the payment methods and the payment threshold too.

Cashvib has many payment methods which is one of the reasons I recommend it.

Its payment methods are PayPal, Payer, Google Play Gift card, Skrill, and Western Union.

With the numerous payment methods available to you, you need to choose the one that is more suitable for you and withdraw your funds.

Talking about the Cashvib payment threshold. One of the things is dislike about them is their huge threshold.

Cashvib payment threshold is $70 and $100 for all the payment methods.

This means that once you accumulate up to $70, you can choose to withdraw with any payment method of your choice, or you can wait for it to get to $100 before you withdraw.

Note – Please read the terms of any of the payment methods you will use to know if there are any transaction charges or if it is totally free.

Cashvib Payment Proof

Cashvib payment proof

As I promised to show you, here is the picture of my payment from Cashvib.


Now that you know everything you need to know about Cashvib, why not sign up with my link so that you will earn $10 automatically? Leaving you to earn only $60 to withdraw.


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