Review ( It is a scam vtu website and app) review ( It is a scam vtu website and app)

Recently, in Nigeria and other parts of the world, people no longer buy data, airtime, utility bills, and Tv cable subscriptions from banks and physical vendors due to the presence of vtu websites that offer those services at cheaper rates.

Despite that vtu business is very nice, there are many scams vtu websites out there on the internet scamming people off their hard-earned money.

In this article, I am going to talk about a vtu platform in Nigeria known as

Beware! This is a fraudulent website that scams people off their money. claims to be a VTU (Virtual Top-Up) site, offering easy and convenient online recharges for mobile phones and other services. However, after my encounter with them, I discovered that they are scam because they ripped me off my 1k naira which I meant to buy data with.

Ask yourself, what is the need of keeping an app that will scam you on your phone? We all know how hard the country is, any amount of money being scammed is very painful, so avoid because both your money and your vital information such as debit card details are in danger if you use them.

Secondly, there is a lack of comprehensive and transparent information about the company and its operations. Legitimate VTU sites usually have detailed FAQs, terms of use, and clear contact information. On the other hand, lack these crucial components, making it difficult for users to make informed decisions.

Furthermore, there have been reports of users experiencing issues with failed transactions, incorrect recharges, and even unauthorized charges after using which is some of the tricks they use to scam. We all know that legitimate VTU sites prioritize customer satisfaction and address concerns promptly, while this website seems to be evasive when it comes to resolving such problems.

Talking about their identity, they are faceless. No registration, no recognition from anybody, just a random scam website on the internet claiming to be vtu site and scamming Nigerians both with their app and website.

There is nothing like customer care service on this platform. This is because once they scam you, there is nothing you can do about it. They claim to have live chat, but nobody has used it to chat with them before.

They also claim to have a working phone number, but once you call them to complain, that second, they will terminate your call and won’t answer any call from your number again.

One of the ways they attract webmasters to post about them and give them more innocent people to scam is, they promise to pay 500 naira per referral. They don’t pay anything!

Evidence Of Their Scam

Them holding my money for no reason

My 1k deposit

Their useless live chat which they never replies

Conclusion is a scam VTU site. Its lack of professionalism, transparency, and security measures, combined with user reports of problems and unauthorized charges.

This article review should serve as a warning to anybody trying to register with them or promote them because you will end up crying at last.

I am a victim of this scam that’s why I wrote this review and warning. Don’t fall victim like me.