Does Rent A Friend Work In Nigeria? ( All you need to know about Rent a friend)

Does Rent A Friend Work In Nigeria? ( All you need to know about Rent a friend)

In this 21st century, there are many weird ways to make money from the internet and some of them will shock you. You must have heard about paid surveys, affiliate marketing, display ads, etc, have you heard about Rent a Friend?

Hearing this for the first time you might be shocked because I felt the same way too when I heard about this. So I started making research and indeed it is legit.

What Is Rent A Friend

Rent a Friend is an online platform where people rent friends whom they will spend time with.

Sound weird right? Well, it is true.

On this platform, different kinds of people post themselves as potential friends, and also different kinds of people will come to the platform to select people that they want to spend some time with and pay them for their time.

Is Rent A Friend Legit

I understand that this might sound strange to you, or it will be too good to be true for you, so you might want to know if this platform is legit/paying.

Rent a Friend is a legit online platform that connects people to those that will pay them for spending time with them.

They are legit but won’t pay you. They only connect you with those that will rent you. Once they connect you, it is now left for you and your renter to negotiate the payment method, etc.

They are very legit because. From my thorough research about them, there are many testimonies and good reviews from many reputable websites. So they are legit.

Does Rent A Friend Work In Nigeria

Enough of introduction, let’s dive into the main topic which is, “Does rent a friend work in Nigeria?

Well, I understand that Nigerians and Africa at large lack the opportunities to make genuine money online because many legit online make-money platforms don’t work with them, and also, many global payment gateways don’t work with them too.

So, in this article, you as a Nigerian, Kenyan, and African at large will learn if this legit but weird online money-making opportunity is available to you or not.

Does Rent a Friend work in Nigeria? Yes, rent a Friend is a global platform that works in all countries of the world, including Nigeria.

If you are from Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Australia, USA, UK, Argentina, Cuba, etc rent a friend is for you because it is a global platform that accepts everybody.

How To Register On Rent A Friend

Now you know that you can join and get accepted from any country, your question might be ” How do I register or sign up?

There are two ways to sign up on this platform. it’s either you sign up as a renter or as a person available to be rented.

If you sign up as a renter, you will be required to pay some money to the platform, and this is how they make their own money.

You pay a small amount to stay on the platform and be able to rent as many friends as you want, and also anytime you want to.

The other type of account to create with them is as a person that is available for rent.

To me this is amusing, but it is actually a real business.

Is Rent A Friend Physical?

I know you might begin to wonder if this is a physical something, or maybe a Hookup website. No! Rent a friend connects people virtually so that you can be friends for a specific period.

Although what you guys do later is Strictly up to you. The platform has a very strict policy about going physical, and at the same time can’t decide for you what you do outside the platform.

The purpose of the platform is just for people to cure loneliness. You connect with people you can chat, video call, walk to the amusement parks with while on live video, show them interesting areas while they show you, etc.

Who Is Eligible For Rent A Friend?

Just like every other platform out there, there are rules and regulations. This includes the minimum age limit that could be allowed to join.

Rent a friend is strictly for adults. This simply means that anybody that is 18 years old and above could join, hire people for friendship or make money from being hired.


This is a good platform to make some money, so if you are okay with being rented, then register and start making money from it once you are hired.


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