Easy Way To Link Payoneer To Amazon KDP

how to link payoneer to amazon kdp

One of the ways people make money online on autopilot is by publishing books on Amazon KDP. I am not going to bore you with it. If you are interested in this topic, you must be familiar with it, and what you need to know is how to link a Payoneer account and withdraw from your Amazon KDP account.

I discovered that one of the problems Amazon book publishers have is how to link their payment details ( Payoneer ) to their accounts and get paid. In this article, I will be teaching you how to link your Payoneer account to your Amazon KDP account so that you will be getting paid straight to your Payoneer. Also, as a bonus, I will be teaching you other Payment gateways that are far better than Payoneer. ( More Suitable for Nigerians and Africans )

How To Connect Payoneer To Amazon KDP

Payoneer is one of the global payment gateways/wallets. It works in every country of the world and every online platform, that’s why many people prefer using it.

The first thing you need to do is to create a Payoneer account. It is free.

Payoneer will sometimes want you to receive up to $50 from any online marketplace place such as Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, etc. Before they can give you your bank details in foreign currencies. So, let us assume that you have your USD bank account details in Payoneer, then you will go ahead and link it to your Amazon KDP account and receive your payments straight to your Payoneer. How do we do that? You will learn about it in just a minute.

To link your Payoneer account to your Amazon KDP account, here are the steps.

First log in to your Amazon KDP dashboard.

locate “Your Account” at the top right corner of the page and click on it. Picture below.

How to link Payoneer to Amazon KDP
After that, you will be taken to a page that has your information. The page has three sections

Author/Publisher information, Getting paid information, and Tax information.

We are only interested in the “Getting Paid” section which is the middle one. Click on it and go to ” Add Bank Account”

Go to Payoneer, copy your USD bank account. Go over to Amazon again, select your country fill in your Payoneer USD bank details and save.

How to link Payoneer to Amazon KDP
Wait for Amazon to approve your bank account and you are good to go.

Note – For Amazon to approve your payment details, the name on your Payoneer account must match with that of your Amazon, If not, they are very likely to reject your bank details.

Which Account Can I Use For Amazon KDP In Nigeria

As I promised at the beginning of this article. I will be showing Nigerians and Africans 2 other payment gateways that are far better than Payoneer in terms of conversion rate into your local currency with ease of signing up, etc.

These Digital banks I will tell you will give you bank accounts in foreign currencies such as USD, Euro, GBP accounts, etc.

Although Payoneer is worldwide, but the issue of verification which can take ages, getting paid a minimum of $50 before they can give you bank accounts and also poor conversion rates are huge problems. This warranted me to list the alternative to make it easier for everyone, especially those in Nigeria and Africa at large who wants to link their banks and withdraw their earning from Amazon KDP, hence you can’t link your Nigerian local bank account.

On my list the first digital bank I recommend for Amazon KDP payment is Grey.

Grey will give you foreign bank accounts once you sign up. Sign Up is free, and you will get a bonus if you use this referral code 6N2UH1

Another platform on my list is Geegpay. Just like Grey and Payoneer, this platform will give your foreign accounts which you can link to your Amazon KDP and withdraw your earnings.

Among these two digital banks, I recommend Grey. Although both are very good, but Grey seems to have a higher money conversion rate ( Black market ) than Geegpay.

To link them to Amazon KDP, just copy your USD account details, your Euro account details, or your GBP account details and follow the same process I explained above and it will be approved by Amazon once the name matches with one on your Amazon.


This is the only way to link your bank accounts to Amazon KDP such as Payoneer, Grey, and Geegpay. Good luck.