How To Transfer Money From Greenlight To PayPal

how to transfer money from greenlight to paypal

Greenlight is a debit card and banking app that helps kids attain financial literacy. The app teaches important money lessons and includes flexible parental controls. One of the popular questions people ask about Greenlight is ” Can it send money to Paypal and Cash app, or a bank account?”

We all know that for you to use a Greenlight account to transact, you might link and fund the account with either PayPal or Bank, etc.

Because external funding sources could be linked to the account, the question is ” Can funds be transferred back to those accounts from Greenlight? This article will answer your question. So read to the end.

Can You Transfer Money From Greenlight To PayPal?

One of the questions people ask about Greenlight and PayPal is if funds could be moved from a Greenlight account to a PayPal account since they could be linked.

Yes, you can transfer money from a Greenlight account to a PayPal account If you are 18 years old and above.

We all know that the main purpose of linking a Greenlight account to a PayPal account is just to fund it with PayPal.

Therefore, while it is possible to move your money back to your PayPal account, it is complicated.

How To Transfer Money From Greenlight To PayPal

Now we have learned that it is possible to move money from a Greenlight account to a linked PayPal account, but the question is ” How? You will learn all about it in a second.

To move money from a Greenlight account to a PayPal account, all you need to do is to contact Greenlight customer service and they will move the funds to your PayPal account.

I said that moving money from Greenlight to Paypal is very complicated because we can’t do it on our own without the help of customer support.

This is because the platform is a financial company that helps us, especially our kids to control how we spend. So, it is not built to send funds but to receive.

Although money could be moved from it back to Paypal with the help of customer support as a refund but there is a rule attached to this, and the process could take up to 7 working days to be completed.

The only rule attached is that moving money out of this platform is illegal for kid accounts but strictly for adult accounts. You must be 18 years and above to ask for this. However, before using PayPal, you must be 18 years anyway.

Can You Transfer From Greenlight To Bank?

Having discussed the topic of Greenlight to Paypal, you might be interested to know if you can move funds from the platform to your bank account.

Can you transfer from Greenlight to bank? Yes, To transfer money from Greenlight to a bank account, go to your Greenlight on your parent dashboard, select the secondary button and click on bank transfer, then choose your bank.

When you are done, your money will be transferred from your Greenlight to your bank account.

This is how to transfer money out of the Greenlight account, other than asking their customer support for a refund back to your PayPal which is the only way to Withdraw money from it to Paypal.

Can I Use Greenlight For Direct Deposit?

Yes, you can set up direct deposit on your Greenlight app and have your paycheck sent there.

There is an option for direct deposit which you can set up and enjoy money being sent to the account which you can withdraw to your bank account.

Can I Send Money From Greenlight To Cashapp?

No, Greenlight and Cashapp cannot be linked, therefore can’t send funds to each other.


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