Is Attapoll Available In Nigeria ( Attapoll Tricks )

Is Attapoll Available In Nigeria ( Attapoll Tricks )

Talking of ways to make money online, you can’t talk about it without mentioning paid online surveys. Paid Online Survey is one of the easiest ways to earn cool cash online in the comfort of your zone with just a smartphone or desktop.

Being from Nigeria, I understand that there are many limitations for us because of our demography, and so, many survey platforms and many Nigerians too shy away from the opportunities to earn money just by doing simple surveys and having your money credited into your bank account.

There are many survey platforms, but the big question is, ” How many of them works in Nigeria? Well, today I am going to tell you about one legit survey platform, if it works in Nigeria or not and the trick to earn money from it as a Nigerian.

If you are very familiar with survey platforms, you must have heard of Attapoll.

Attapoll is a U.K based survey app company. Its headquarters is located at 61 Sulgrave Gdns, London, Essex, W6 7RA, United Kingdom.

Now you know a little about this platform, let’s dive into the main topic.

Is Attapoll Available In Nigeria

As I explained above, Nigerians are handicapped when it comes to making money online because, not just that many Platforms can’t accept them and also even if they accept them, they won’t get many surveys and even if they do, Payment gateways which many survey platforms use such as PayPal don’t accept them, so do Attapoll accept them?

Attapoll is not available in Nigeria and does not accept Nigerians.

I know you might be very shocked now, but relax and read the article to the end to know the tricks am talking about which could get you accepted to many of these platforms where you can make money.

Is Attapoll Legit

As Online Survey takers which is where I made my first money online, the first question we all ask is ” Is this survey site legit or a scam?

Attapoll is a legit survey website because they pay as they promise to do. They are a registered survey company in the UK and their headquarters is located at 61 Sulgrave Gdns, London, Essex, W6 7RA, United Kingdom.

I understand that there are lots of scam websites on the internet claiming to pay people and at the end of the day, you will discover that you just wasted your time, but Attapoll pays and they are very legit.

Despite my demography which I mentioned above, I have used this platform to make some cool cash for myself, that’s why I told you to relax and wait for my secret trick which nobody can give you for free.

Is Attapoll Free

After checking how legit this type of website is, the next thing you may check is if they are free to join.

Attapoll is completely free to join, and to start taking surveys and earning rewards.

As an online entrepreneur, I understand that so many make money online sites, including some Survey websites are not free to join, and to participate in reward earnings.

I understand that many people are skeptical to join many make-money online platforms, not even survey platforms because they don’t know any or mainly because of scams. This kind of feeling is more in Nigerians because of their past experiences for instance like MMM, etc lol.

When it comes to this platform, it is totally free to sign up and enjoy their rewards.

How Long Does It Take To Make Money On Attapoll

The sole purpose of answering paid online surveys like this one is just to make money while revealing your honest opinion about the questions they will ask. This is why 99.9% of survey takers will, first of all, want to know how much they could make from sites such as this and how long too.

It could take 3 to 5 days after registration to cash out from Attapoll, depending on your demography, field, and how serious you are.

What I am trying to say is ” I have used this app and I am talking from my experience with them.

Once you download the Attapoll mobile app and register, fill in all the information about yourself that they require, you will be getting surveys from time to time if you keep checking on them, and you might be qualifying.

Another way to make money and cash out very fast is if you are an affiliate marketer like me. As I may drop my referral code here, once you download the app and sign up with it and complete 3 very easy surveys, I will be getting 10% of what every you are earning automatically and you will get a small bonus too which is a win-win for all.

How To Cashout From Attapoll

Attapoll has 4 different payment methods which are:

PayPal – 5$ threshold

Revolut – 5$ threshold

Gift card – 5$ threshold

Donation – 5$ threshold

This is very cool because you can easily create an account in any of these two cash methods ( PayPal, Revolut) or simply request for Amazon gift card or Donate the money.

Again, their withdrawal threshold is not high but low, meaning that if you are from USA or UK, you can even join today and cashout the same day due to the fact that they are tier 1 countries, and because of that, they have higher chances of surveys than other countries.

How To Download And Sign Up On Attapoll From Nigeria

As I have been saying, this app doesn’t work in Nigeria, unless you use my trick, and you can use this to access any site or survey platform that doesn’t work in Nigeria or in any country you might be in too.

To make this work, first, you need a strong VPN ( paid VPN) VPNs are relatively cheap. Get a 1 year plan or 2 years plan because you will be making money all year round and mainly from those high paying sites that don’t support your country. ( I honestly suggest Nord VPN ) I use them and they are awesome.

Go to any other app store that’s not Google play store or Apple Store and download the Attapoll mobile app.

Install and leave it alone. ( Don’t open yet )

Head over to your browser and type Textplus. You will see the app. Please don’t download it from the Google play store too but from other app websites.

Login to your premium VPN and open the Textplus app, register with your email and request a virtual USA, Canada, or UK phone number.

Note – Don’t attempt to use a Non-Premium VPN.

After getting the phone number of the country of your choice, Open the Attapoll app, add your email, and add the phone number of the country you choose and they will send a confirmation code to the number.

Head over to the Textplus app and you will see the message. Copy the code and paste it into your Attapoll to confirm. Thats all.

The fact is that, once you bypass that number verification, you must cash out. Again once you don’t log in without VPN or use a non-paid VPN which will make them locate your demography and block you.

I Strongly recommend Nord VPN! Click here to sign up with them

Bypassing The Payment Methods/Gateways

As I explained above, they have 4 payment methods and I can only tell you to use 2 out of the 4.

You must either use PayPal or Gift card as a payment option.

I know you could receive gift cards in your email wherever you are, but I recommend PayPal because the value of PayPal funds is rising every day in Nigeria.

The question is ” How do I create one because you can’t receive payment with a Nigerian PayPal account. Well, I can create other country’s PayPal accounts and you will be able to send and receive your money in Nigeria.

Again I can teach you how to create and be selling them to make money in Nigeria. In fact, that’s one of my side hustles and it is very lucrative because only few people know how to do this and the demand for such PayPal accounts is very high.

Check-in Contact us for my Email and chat me up for it or any other business.


Attapoll doesn’t work in Nigeria just like many high-paying sites and apps, but with a Strong Premium VPN like the one I suggested above which I use, your location won’t be detected and you will be able to make a cool amount of money online.

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