Is Survey Pay legit? (All you need to know about SurveyPay)

Is Survey Pay legit? (All you need to know about SurveyPay)

Surveypay is one of the platforms that claim to pay people for doing some tasks on the platform. I know that there are many apps and websites out there on the internet that promise to pay people for doing things on their platforms, nevertheless, many of them are fake and scam websites. In this article, we will be looking at an app known as Surveypay.

What Is Surveypay

Survey Pay is a mobile app that promises to pay people for doing some easy tasks on the platform such as answering simple survey questions, watching videos, doing offers, playing games, downloading and using apps, etc.

This app is not just a survey platform, it is a GPT app ( Get paid to ) because it has so many jobs other than just answering survey questions.

Unlike many GPT websites and apps that give you money for doing tasks on their platforms, this GPT app gives you points which you can later convert to cash.

I guess you now have an idea of what this platform is all about. Let’s dive into the review and other important things about it.

Surveypay Review

I understand that before signing up with any platform, the first thing anybody would want to find out is if the platform is a scam, if it is worth it, or a total waste of time and energy. So, let’s find out.

Is Survey Pay legit? Surveypay is a legit app that will pay you for doing tasks such as watching videos, answering surveys, etc.

I don’t know how you might define the word ” Scam” but to me, once any platform pays as it promises, then I don’t see it as a scam.

So, in my definition, Survey Pay is not a scam because you will get your money through any of their payment methods ( which I will discuss later ) once you reach their withdrawal threshold.

It is not a scam app, but is it worth spending time on the platform? Well, that is a different question altogether. We will look at this question later.

How Do You Make Money From Surveypay

As I explained above, this is a GPT app, so there are many ways to make money from it.

You can make money from Surveypay by answering survey questions, watching videos, doing offers, playing games, installing and testing apps, etc.

GPT platforms usually have many earning opportunities, so expect to see many offers once you sign up and start using the platform.

The idea is, it is either you choose easy jobs that pay fewer points and do many of them or you take the harder ones that pay more and do so that you will be able to cash out your rewards in no distance time.

Another way to make money from this app is to refer people to sign up and make money, while you get a referral bonus.

How this works is that once anybody signs up with your referral code, they get a bonus for using your referral code, while you also get a reward for referring them, which is a win-win for everybody.

Now, let’s imagine that you are a social media influencer with large followers, a Blogger, or a YouTuber. You can refer many people and get their referral bonuses on autopilot which is awesome.

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Is Surveypay Worth It?

We already know that this platform is legit because it pays as it promises, but that doesn’t mean that it couldn’t also be a total waste of time.

I know that the opinion of everybody varies due to many factors, but if you ask me, it is not worth it doing tasks on Surveypay.

I said this because the amount of money to be made from the platform is very little to make a change in you.

Once you complete any task, they will give you points, of which 1,000 Surveypay points are equal to $1, etc. So, it is too small to change anything unless you are doing it in your leisure time or for fun other than as a serious source of income.

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So, if you ask me, it is not worth my time.

Surveypay Payment Methods

This app has 4 payment methods. They are PayPal, Payoneer, Crypto, and Amazon gift card

One of the reasons I am even talking about this platform other than that they are legit is because they have suiting payment methods that anybody from any part of the world could easily use to cash out from them.

Once you reach their withdrawal threshold, you can withdraw using PayPal, Bitcoin, Gift card, Payoneer or USDT.

Surveypay Payment Threshold

The PayPal threshold on this platform starts from 5,000 points which is $5. Once you accumulate up to 5k points, you will convert it to $ and withdraw with PayPal. To be eligible to withdraw with crypto, you need to make up to $90 which is 90k points, and to withdraw with Payoneer, you need to have $20 which is equivalent to 20k points.

Is Surveypay Worldwide?

One of the most important information people seek to know once a new platform is introduced to them is “Whether it accepts people from all over the world or not.

I don’t believe this article is complete without looking into this.

Surveypay accepts users from all over the world because it is a worldwide app.

Despite accepting people from all over the world. However, just like other GPT platforms and survey platforms, it gives more job opportunities to people from Europe and North America.

This is to say that people from tier-one countries such as the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Singapore, etc. Get more opportunities and make more money from platforms like this than, let’s say, people from Nigeria, Ghana, South America, Asia, etc.

Despite that, you can make a significant amount if you are serious about it.

Is Surveypay On Desktop?

No, This is an Android based GPT app. Right now, it is neither in desktop nor IOS.

To use it, you need to have an Android device. download the app from Google play store, sign up with your email, use my referral code so that we both get reward and start using.


As I normally caution, you can’t get rich doing Surveys or working on GPT platforms such as this one. You just need to be doing it as fun or during your time as an insignificant spare income for you.

Surveypay is legit, Why not download the app, and use my referral code to sign up so that we both make something I return?


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