Is Survimo Available In Nigeria: All You Need To Know About Survimo

Is Survimo Available In Nigeria: All You Need To Know About Survimo

Answering paid online survey is one of the easiest ways to make money online from any country and at your comfort zone. Sadly, many of these high paying survey platforms don’t work in Nigeria nor with Nigerians, and that is a huge setback for people from that part of the world, little wonder many questions on forums and socials about such topics like this are ” Can this work in Nigeria? How can I register and make money as a Nigerian, etc.

That is why, if you carefully check all my articles in this website, many of them are talking about make money online opportunities for Nigerians and other African countries, etc.

In this article, I will be introducing a legit Survey platform known as Survimo. You will learn if it works in Nigeria or not and many more about the website, so read to the end.

What Is Survimo

Survimo is a paid online survey platform that has been existing since 2014 and they are part of the global market research exchange Opinodo.

They are one of the biggest online survey platforms and they work with top survey companies like Cint, etc.

Is Survimo Legit

Now you know who they are, your next question might probably be, are they legit?

I know it is very important to know how legit any online money making platform is before you sign up with them to avoid wasting your time for nothing.

So, Is Survimo Legit? Survimo is a legit paid online survey website. As promised, they pay their users for answering survey questions which they could be able to withdraw through any of the available payment methods on the survey website.

If you need legit survey platforms to spend your leisure time on and get paid in return, then Survimo is one of them. As I do state in all my articles, I don’t talk about platforms that I know nothing about, so it’s either I have used any platform I talked about or I have seen somebody use it and got results, so from my experience, this platform is legit in Nigeria and worldwide because it pays.

Is Survimo Available In Nigeria

Enough of the introduction, let’s dive into the main topic which is, if this platform is available in Nigeria and if it accept Nigerians too.

Is Survimo Available In Nigeria? Survimo is available in Nigeria and many countries such as Germany, USA, Argentina, UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

This platform accepts Nigerian, other Africans and the major parts of the world, so anybody from any country could sign up, take surveys and get paid once they hit their withdrawal threshold which I will discuss later in this article.

So, as a Nigerian, this is one of the opportunities to make money online via this platform by answering simple survey questions.

Although Nigerians and register and make money from Survimo, but there is one problem, which is their payment methods. I will discuss about that later and tell you what to do to withdraw your money.

Does Survimo Really Pay

As I said earlier, they are legit because they pay their users for answering survey questions which they will later cashout.

Although they pay, but they don’t pay exactly what they claim to pay. They claim to pay 5$ per survey that you answer, while using them, I found out that they pay less. Although I don’t know if the problem is from my demography or not.

As I said, I write my articles from my experience or another person’s closer to me, so from my experience, they pay between 1$ to 3.5$ which is still okay in my own perspective.

So, they pay, but not totally up to what they claim. Although people from tier one countries may have opposite experience with mine anyway.

Survimo Payment Methods

One of the most important things to check before signing up with any platform is their payment methods or gateways, so as not to waste your time without getting your money.

So, what are their payment gateways?

Survimo pays their users with Paypal, and Gift Cards.

As a Nigerian and some other countries, I understand that PayPal don’t work your country, so the question is, “How do you get your Money?

Well, Gift Is an option for you. The problem here in Nigeria is, they will under price you and take your hard earned money for a token, but with Paypal fund, you have huge advantage, and you can withdraw your money to your bank at a black market conversion rate.

If you want a working PayPal account or you want to learn how to be creating them, selling and be smiling at the bank, Email me.

Survimo Payment Threshold

We all understand that every platform has their payment threshold and this platform is not an exemption. So what is it’s payment threshold?

Users can be able to request payment from Survimo once their earning reaches 10$.

Once your minimum balance is 10 US Dollars, you can choose any of the above payment methods to cashout your money.

Again, if you are to use PayPal for withdrawal, the email your registered your Survimo account with must be the same with your payment.

So, if your email is different from your PayPal email, am sorry they will not pay your via PayPal, unless it is via gift card.


Survimo works in Nigeria and in many countries too, so why not register and start making money on your leisure time?


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