Openai PayPal:Can you pay for GPT Plus with PayPal?

Openai PayPal:Can you pay for GPT Plus with PayPal?

Recently, millions of people have been asking one question which is ” Can you pay Openai/ Chatgtp Plus with Paypal? ”

We all could recall how Chatgtp which is owned by Openai shocked the world by having the ability to interact, answer questions, and produce content like a human being. Chatgtp now has a paid version which is far better than the free version. This paid version is Chatgtp 4.

Millions of people use this Artificial Intelligence for many things. Version 4 is the most upgraded version for now. People want to pay and have access, but the problem is that they can’t seem to find the PayPal payment option there.

We all know that PayPal is one of the largest global payment systems that millions of people use, and they are far more secure than credit and debit cards. The question is, can you pay with PayPal on Openai?

Can You Pay For Chatgtp Plus With PayPal?

Reading this question on forums many times without a proper answer, I decided to write this blog post just to answer it.

Openai does not support PayPal payment. There is no option for PayPal payment on Chatgtp Plus for now.

Although many people wish this to be a lie, but this is just the truth. Open your Chatgtp, navigate to Chatgtp-4. Try the payment options there and see if you can see the option for PayPal there. I know you won’t.

I guess you are disappointed right now because you might only have funds in your PayPal account. Wait, Let me suggest something that might work for you.

You might consider swapping your PayPal funds to any of these payment methods they accept and us
e them to pay for your Chatgtp Plus subscription.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted For Openai And Chatgtp Plus?

Since they don’t accept PayPal for now which is the most popular global payment method, you might want to know which payment methods they accept.

Openai accepts both credit and debit cards such as.



American Express.


With any of these cards, you can fund your Chatgtp Plus account. I know that you might say that ” PayPal is more secure than a card ” Well, Openai is secured too.

If you don’t like exposing your card details on the internet, I suggest you fund it using a virtual card. Many Digital banks offer it.


Openai does not accept PayPal as a payment method for now, maybe they will do so in the future. Use a virtual card if you are skeptical.

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