Payoneer To Revolut: Can they send money to each other?

Payoneer and Revolut are two giant online banks that anybody could sign up with in any country and start transacting from anywhere in the world. The two giant global payment gateways are so popular and common with each other that people sometimes compare them with each other. In this article, I won’t be comparing but will talk about if they could be linked to each other for easy transactions.

If you want to know if you can link Revolut to Payoneer or the other way around and if they could send money to each other, then read this article to the end. Also if you are from Nigeria and Africa and you need a payment gateway that you can link to Payoneer which will convert your foreign currencies to your local currency at a very high exchange rate, then this article is also for you.

Can I Link Revolut To Payoneer?

Can I link Revolut to Payoneer?

It looks as if both digital banks could be connected for easy transactions, but the question is could they?

Yes, Revolut and Payoneer could be connected or linked to each other.

We understand that both digital banks have different bank accounts which could be linked to the other. So, it works just fine.

Can You Transfer From Payoneer To Revolut?

Can you transfer funds from Payoneer to Revolut?

Knowing that both accounts could be linked or connected, the question you might have in mind right now is, ” Can you transfer from Payoneer to Revolut and from Revolut to Payoneer?

Money can be easily moved from Payoneer to Revolut and from Revolut to Payoneer.

If you are learning this for the first time, then you are learning it late because people have been transferring their money between the two digital banks for long.

Not only that these two different payment gateways send funds to each other, but in many currencies such as GBP, USD, Euro, JP Yen, etc.

Does Geegpay And Grey Work With Payoneer?

Does Grey and Payoneer work?

Remember I promised Nigerians and Africans a payment gateway that can be linked to Payoneer, send money from Payoneer to it and it will convert the foreign currencies to your local currency at a high rate ( Black market rate )

Having this knowledge that am about to teach you is very important, as it will save a lot of money for you.

We all know that, for instance in Nigeria, banks and Payoneer exchange rates are very poor compared to the black market rate. Sending your Dollars, Euro or Pounds, etc to your grey or geegpay account, converting it at the black market rate, and sending it to your bank account is a huge bonus for you.

Geegpay and Grey work very fine with Payoneer. You can easily link any of these accounts with Payoneer and transfer to them from Payoneer.

When it comes to high conversion rates, both digital banks are great. So, create an account with any of them. ( Especially Grey and use my referral code for sign up bonus on Grey) They will give you foreign bank accounts, link them to your Payoneer, and start transacting.


Payoneer works with many Digital banks, so you can easily link Revolut, Grey, and Geegpay to it for easy transactions.

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