PayPal Snapchat: How to integrate PayPal and Card with Snapchat

PayPal Snapchat: How to integrate PayPal and Card with Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the social media out there on the internet with many users. One of the unique things about this social media is that it has the option for PayPal as one of its payment methods which can be used to pay for many things on the social media platform.

Knowing that PayPal is one of the most secure online financial/ payment companies in the world, many people are now safe transacting and sending funds on Snapchat using PayPal instead of debit and credit cards which are sensitive.

Despite that, one of the major setbacks many people encounter is ” How to link or integrate their Paypal account to Snapchat.

In this article, I will show you how to link your Snapchat to your PayPal the easy way.

Why Does Snapchat Need Payment?

Before I go ahead to teach you the process of linking a PayPal account to a Snapchat account, first of all, you may need to know why there are payment methods on Snapchat, or why it needs payment.

You may be surprised that other social media don’t require payment, even to talk of having Many payment methods. Well, other Social media like Facebook, etc have it too, so Snapchat is no different.

The reason why there are payment methods such as PayPal, cards, etc. on this platform is to

1. Accepting payments within Snapchat for Snap products. Snap only makes one hardware product right now, Spectacles.

It is not new that social media now own e-commerce stores where their users will purchase things they need. Snapchat is not the first to do this. Facebook has a marketplace too, and for you to buy from them, you need to pay them with your favorite payment method, which is why the likes of PayPal come in.

2. Facilitating third-party e-commerce transactions. Companies could use ads to sell products directly, creating a new e-commerce platform on Snapchat.

We all know that all the social media platforms run ads which is one of their sources of income and Snapchat is not excluded from this.

As a business owner, affiliate marketer, etc who wants to promote your business and get visitors and conversions, placing ads on social media like Snapchat is cool.

3. Revamping Snapcash for peer-to-peer (P2P) payments. Snapcash currently uses Square (NYSE: SQ) to process P2P payments.

One of the reasons why this platform is unique is because you can use it to send funds to anybody. And with payment gateways like PayPal, your transactions are easy and secure.

4. Upgrading to Snapchat premium version.

Now that you know why this social media has PayPal and other payment options, are you still interested to know how to link your favorite payment method to it? If yes, then let’s continue.

How To Link PayPal To Snapchat

To link a PayPal account to Snapchat as one of the payment methods is very simple. Since Snapchat accepts PayPal, there is an option on the platform to link it. But surprisingly, many people find it very hard. If you are in that category, then here is how to link it.

1. First, Log in to your Snapchat ad manager. Then click the menu in the top corner and select Billing & Payments.

2. Click on Payment Methods and select PayPal.

3. Click Pay with PayPal.

4. Read the policies and click Agree & Continue.

Your PayPal is now integrated. You can start transacting with it on the platform.

How to Add or Remove a Credit Card On Snapchat

As I explained above, PayPal is not the only payment method on this platform. The option for debit or credit card is also there. I know some people might also prefer cards to PayPal, probably because they don’t have a PayPal account. So how do you link your card?

To Link a card, first log in to Ads Manager. Then click the menu in the top corner and select Billing & Payments.

Click + New Payment Method and select Credit Card.

Please Note: Prepaid cards or cards that are already being used in another organization are not permitted.

So, Fill out your credit card information.

Select which accounts you’d like to link this payment method to.

Click Add and continue.

Also Note: A billing address must be input before a payment method can be added.

To remove it, use the same process, then Select the card or pay and click on remove the payment method and it will be removed.


This is how to integrate PayPal and a card into a Snapchat account. Did you enjoy this article? If you did, please share it and also support my blog with a donation. Details Below.