Unbelievable Reasons Why Your Payoneer Verification Took Too Long ( Payoneer verification issues and solutions)

Unbelievable Reasons Why Your Payoneer Verification Took Too Long ( Payoneer verification issues and solutions)

My Payoneer approval is taking too long, why? If you have been trying to create a Payoneer account recently, this is the question you are very likely to be asking after waiting for ages for the approval of your newly created account.

I am writing this article from my experience with this company known as Payoneer. My worst experience with Payoneer was when I was creating my account. I had to wait up to 3 months or even more. I got fed up and started sending them multiple Emails until they responded to my request and my account was activated.

I know that many people are going through this, and that’s why I decided to write this article because I have read many people asking this same question ” How long exactly does Payoneer take to approve accounts, and My verification is taking or took too long.

Despite that, they claim that the maximum time you have to wait for account verification is 7 working days. Well, from what I passed through before I could achieve that verification and from what others are passing through too, that 7 days might be 7 months. LoL.

The fact is that Payoneer started delaying and dumping their awaiting accounts approval into the waste bin since they started getting very popular which is very sad.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why this may be happening and what to do to speed up your account verification.

Why Is My Payoneer Account Verification Taking Too Long?

After achieving my account verification despite all the frustrations involved, I decided to research why it took so long for the verification to be done and this is what I discovered.

Your Payoneer account verification might have taken too long because you submitted the wrong ID or Utility bill.

The details on your ID or Utility bill do not match exactly with those on your Payoneer profile.

They have too many verification requests and a shortage of enough staff to attend to all of them immediately.

These are what I found out from my research. Although it might not be all the reasons.

Now you know why your application took many months or even up to a year for them to attend to it. So, if you know that all your details are correct, it means that the problem is not from you but from them.

What you need to do is to start calling them, chatting with their live support, and sending them multiple emails.

From my experience, they rarely reply to their emails, so calls and live chat are the best ways to communicate with them, despite that both their live chat and phone call ( Lines ) are not always available all the time.

If you have an old Payoneer account, then Congrats because the verification has just become harder. Sometimes I suspect that they purposely ignore people’s verification requests, maybe because they now have millions of customers. So, disturb them a little so that they can sit up.

How Long Does Payoneer Verification Take

If you are asking this question, it means that your verification may have taken too long and you want to know exactly how long it might take.

According to Payoneer, account verification takes between 2 to 7 days to be completed.

Honestly, if you ask me, I will tell you that this process can take up to a year if you are relaxed and not disturbing them.

If you are my loyal reader, you will know that I write mainly out of experience or from legitimate sources, not from what I read online.

It took many months for mine to be verified. If you are lucky enough, yours may take up to a week. If not, then prepare for the long journey of waiting. LoL.

A few years ago, they could verify your account instantly or in 3 days and send you a confirmation email. But now, I don’t know exactly how long this might take.

Why Is My Payoneer Verification Not Working

Sometimes while trying to verify a Payoneer account, you might find out that the verification is not working. These are the reasons why this may occur.

Your device network is malfunctioning or you are not connected to the internet.

Your browser or device is malfunctioning or needs to be updated and your cookies and cache cleared.

You are unable to verify your phone number because of poor network.

These are the common issues you might need to check if your verification is not working or you can’t submit your required documents to Payoneer or confirm your mobile number.

Can I Still Receive Money On Payoneer Without Verification?

Still on the verification issue. There are many consequences of delayed account verification and one of them is losing your prospective revenue from customers, family and friends, etc. You might be wondering if you can still receive payments with an unverified Payoneer account.

Yes, you can receive funds with an unverified Payoneer account but you can’t send or withdraw your money.

Unverified Payoneer accounts can receive money but only from other Payoneer accounts via your email and not from any other payment gateway or bank.

The reason you can only receive money to your unverified account through your Payoneer email alone is that Payoneer can not give you bank accounts without verification. This means that you can’t receive money from other sources except from other Payoneer accounts and via email alone.

Any money you receive in an unverified Payoneer account will stay there until the account is fully verified before it can be withdrawn.

So, you can receive money in an unverified Payoneer account but can’t withdraw or send.

Can I Use My NIN To Verify My Payoneer Account

For those of you from Nigeria who are wondering if they can use their National Identification Number ( NIN ) to verify their Payoneer account, this is for you.

Payoneer accepts any of these government-issued documents for verification for Nigerians. NIN, Voters Card, Driver’s License, and International Passport.

If you have any of these documents, then you are good to go unless it has expired, worn out, or not very clear anymore, Then they won’t accept it, but if not, then you can verify with any of them.

On the Payoneer ID verification dashboard, there is an option for only National ID and International Passport. Some people get confused here.

If you have NIN, Voters Card, or Drivers License. Then select the option for Nation ID verification and fill in any of the above documents you have.

If you have an International Passport, then choose the option and upload your International passport and you will be verified sooner or later.


Payoneer verification normally takes too long now unlike before. Just follow my recommendation and your account will be attended to sooner.

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