Why GitHub Sponsors Stopped Supporting PayPal

Why GitHub stopped supporting PayPal

GitHub made a comment about stopping the use of PayPal by sponsors which they later stopped on February 23, 2023. This means that it will no longer be possible to sponsor individuals or organizations using PayPal on GitHub.

This has generated mixed reactions from people because GitHub didn’t give a clear reason on why they took such a decision knowing that PayPal is the most used and the safest Payment method on that platform.

The question everybody is asking is ” Why? ” The only reason the platform gave is that ” they are doing it for a better experience. Which lots of their users disagree with, and this has made many sponsors want to quit and some have already done, citing that they release their credit or debit card details which are very sensitive.

GitHub Stopped Supporting PayPal. Why?

These are the likely reasons why this is happening.

Huge transaction charge from PayPal.

Curtailing fraud from PayPal users.

Creating a more suitable payment method.

If you are asking why they stopped their sponsors from using PayPal, then these are the more likely reasons. Especially the first and the last reasons above.

The only answer they gave their users is that they are working towards a more suitable payment method for better user experience, meaning that the last reason I gave above is very correct.

The truth is that many users have left the platform. Let’s hope that they provide better payment methods other than the credit and debit card which they recommend for now, so that those that left the platform might see a reason to come back.


These reasons I gave above might not be all the reasons or the perfect reasons why GitHub suspended the use of PayPal on their platform for Sponsors. They are just to give you an idea of what transpired.

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