Yo.fan: Easy ways to make money with yofan

Yo.fan: Easy ways to make money with yofan

There are many ways to make money on the internet with your blog, some of them are through display ads, affiliate marketing, and many more. When it comes to display ads, we all know that one of the highest-paying ad networks is Google Adsense.

Recently, a good population of bloggers have been talking about Google Adsense rejection, meaning that AdSense is now very hard to get.

The fact is that the strict policy of Adsense has frustrated so many bloggers to the extent of quitting or looking for alternative ad networks that pay little to nothing.

Well, I am not here to tell you about Google Adsense alternatives or anything, but to tell you a platform that could get you an Adsense account approval in just a few hours without even having an article.

Are you surprised? Well, it is real and I have been using the platform with approved Google Adsense.

In order not to waste your time, the name of the platform is Yo.fan

Now, you must be wondering what I mean by Yofan, Well, don’t worry, I will explain everything. So, read to the end.

What Is Yo.fan

Yo.fan or Yofan is a platform that allows people to make money with Adsense by posting quality pictures and articles.

This platform allows people to create an account with them, upload quality articles or pictures, apply for Adsense, and make money with it.

You might be wondering how. Well, don’t worry, you will understand everything soon.

How To Create A Yo.fan Account

Let’s start with how to create the account first.

To create a Yofan account, just type in Yo.fan on your browser and open it.

Put in your email and password, choose a Username. The username is like your Niche. I suggest it should be reasonable.

Check your email for verification and do it. Also, add your mobile number and verify it too.

Now you have a Yofan account ready, the next step is to apply for Google Adsense and also to post articles and pictures.

How To Apply Or Link Adsense To Yofan

Once you create the yofan account, I would say you should apply for Adsense immediately or link any available Adsense you have.

To apply for Adsense, just go to Adsense Sign Up, and put in your details correctly, then When it comes to your site URL, just go over to yofan, You will see your yofan URL, copy it, and paste it on the Adsense, then accept their terms and conditions and click continue.

They will review your URL and approve it within some hours or a few days.

If you already have a Google Adsense account, all you need to do Is to go to your Adsense dashboard and click on Add new domain. Copy the Yofan URL, paste it on Adsense, accept their terms and conditions, and proceed.

Note – For every amount you make from this, yofan will take 30% of the money, leaving you with 70%. So, if you are okay with this, then let’s proceed.

Yo.fan Monetization Requirements

After Adsense approval, you will need to meet yofan requirements to start showing ads and making money with it.

The requirements are:

1. 10, 000 pageviews

2. Minimum of 30 contents ( Either pictures or articles)

Once you meet these two requirements, submit your yofan account for approval and link it with the already approved Adsense account.

All these are very easy because they are in the yofan dashboard. Once you submit the account for approval, it might take up to some days before approval, or you can chat with their customer service for fast approval.

Once approved, you can now start making money from the platform.

How To Make Money With Yo.fan

I believe you have understood the steps and the requirements to successfully set up a yofan account and Adsense account, let’s dive into how to make money with it.

First, this platform is just like a personal blog where you can post your content, have people visit, see ads, and maybe click on some of them and you make money from it.

So, before thinking of making money from Adsense with it, you need to have a huge number of followers which is why they require 10k pageviews before monetization.

This is because they believe that once you can easily have 10k pageviews, that means you must already have huge followers.

So, the first step before monetization is to build massive followers either organically or with paid traffic, etc.

After approval, keep posting quality content so that your followers will engage with them and make you money in return.

If you have huge followers on social. media, blog, email list, etc. You can easily divert them to this platform, keep them engaged with interesting and quality content, and make money from it.

Apart from making money through display ads from Google Adsense, another way to monetize Yofan is through affiliate links.

Once you have a loyal audience, you can recommend products and services to them, so that they can buy and you get your referral bonus.

Can SEO Be Done On Yo.fan?

As I explained above, this platform is just like a semi-blog. This is because you can post articles, and pictures, and monetize them just like a blog. Now, you might be wondering if SEO can be done on it so that it can start getting traffic from search engines.

Can SEO be done on Yofan? No, search engines don’t index yofan articles.

SEO means (Search Engines Optimization) This means that it has to do with making your online platform ( blog ) visible on the Search Engines Result Pages ( SERPS )

So, for the fact that the articles on this platform and the platform itself don’t get indexed by Google and other search engines, there is no way SEO can be done on such a platform.

You can’t optimize Yofan content and even Yofan itself because search engines don’t index them. So, you are expected to redirect your social traffic, blog traffic, paid traffic, not incentive, etc. To your yofan as followers.


As a blogger and you are finding it very hard to get your blog approved by Google Adsense, then I suggest that you stop wasting your traffic. Create a yofan account, and Adsense will approve it. Then redirect the traffic to the account and start making money while you wait for them to approve your main blog.

You can even run a paid advert to maximize your earnings. Good luck.


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